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Thursday, 17 January 2013

How To Be a Teacher: Thoughts for a New Semester

Take advantage of teachable moments. Pose questions. Invite learning.
Help construct minds. Build dreams.
Appreciate learning shown in different ways.
Listen. Laugh with children. Harvest thoughts.
Play to learn. Find connections. Dare to be different.
Don’t get mad, get curious.
Fall in love with your kind of mind.... with all kinds of minds.
Watch children. Set goals... and re-set them.
See the humour. Look for joy. Smile.
Reflect. Think about your learning and theirs.
Build futures. Dream. Read every day.
Take vitamins. Keep the healthy heart and brain in mind.
Find the opportunities in problems.
Cherish comfort of loved ones. Take pleasure in the moment.
Have a life outside of school.
Work with others. Challenge yourself. Go to bed early.
Greet each child every day. Be present to others.
When in doubt, ask the learners.
Drink lots of water.
Create a threat-free, shame-free learning zone.
Avoid boredom. Take a risk. Learn something new.
Look for the passion for learning. Touch hearts.
Help everyone see where they are going and the different ways of getting there.
Create time. Involve students more. Allow time for muddling.
See mistakes as information for next steps in learning and teaching.
Recognize, rather than reward, learning.
Believe in the power of children.
Believe in the power of you.

© 2013 Anne Davies

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