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Monday, 28 January 2013

Evidence of Literacy Learning:-)

 The Connections Students Make

 The grade one student came to the school office with a look of concern on his face.

"How can I help you?" the principal asked.

Looking concerned the child said, "My teacher wrote a swear word in my classroom."

"Oh. Thank you for coming to see me. Shall we go and have a look?"

The child nodded. Off they went. In the classroom the child went to a chart on the wall. 

"Look. There it is. See. F.    C.K."

The principal looked and thought quickly.

"Have you learned about vowels?" she asked.

The child nodded.

"Do you know that every word needs a vowel or it's not a word?"

The child nodded.

"Is there a vowel?"

After looking carefully, the child shook his head.

"Is it a word? Is it a swear word?" 


"That's good then?


"Thank you for coming to see me. I'm really impressed you've been practicing your beginning and ending sounds. I'm glad we were able to solve the problem."

The principal found the first grade teacher having lunch and told her the story. They had a chuckle and celebrated the literacy connections the child had made. But taking no chances, the chart was quickly reprinted with beginning and ending sounds displayed in slightly different order :-)

 With thanks to E.M. - you know who you are :-)

 PS I'm going to be in Kelowna this week for the Literacy Summit! There are great people coming together to share their learning. I am looking forward to it. To find out more.... Literacy Summit Information Link

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