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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Expert Learner: Challenging the Myth of Ability

Delegates, in preparation for the International Symposium on Assessment for Learning in Fredericton, NB April 2014, have a lot of reading to do. More than 90 pre-readings have been submitted. It is a daunting and yet enjoyable task.

This evening, I enjoyed reading a chapter from a recent book by Gordon Stobart titled, The Expert Learner: Challenging the Myth of Ability.  

If you've ever had a chance to listen to Gordon Stobart, you'll have already experienced his wry sense of humour. It is always a treat to read a well-written, research-based text where the author has the ability to make a reader smile in delight. And, where such care is taken to help the reader understand that our students can become 'expert learners' if we but change the way we teach and the way we support student learning.

John Hattie is right in his review when he says this book is full of optimism. In this easy-to-read book, Gordon Stobart helps readers understand the "multiplier effect" and see powerful ways make a difference for all learners. 

Gordon Stobart clearly helps us see that none of us are prisoners of our genes or of our past - all learners can be taught to be 'expert learners.' You can find it as an ebook or order a print copy here.

Gordon Stobart is coming to Fredericton, NB in April 2014 and will be part of Assessment for Learning: Canada in Conversation with the World. Join us!

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