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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What about Fredericton, NB in Atlantic Canada?

YES! Fredericton!! The week of August 12 - 16, 2013... two Institutes! For Leaders. Teacher leaders. School leaders. System leaders. And, you can turn it into a university credit course if you choose.

Usually we do our Canadian summer events in the Comox Valley so it is exciting for us to be off to other places.... like Fredericton, New Brunswick! My grandparents had a farm close to Woodstock, NB so I'm kinda, sorta going home :-)

In partnership with the University of New Brunswick, we are offering two
2½ day Institutes in August. You can find out more here. Here's the first page of the brochure.


  1. Which of the two Fredericton institutes would be geared mostly towards middle school (grades 6-8)?

  2. If you are a self-contained classroom teaching most (not necessarily all) subjects to the same group of students I would recommend the elementary session. We will definitely be using examples from middle years classrooms as well as intermediate and primary.

    If you teach more than one group of students (i.e. your schedule is more like a high school schedule) then we recommend the secondary session. We will also have examples from middle years classrooms.

    I hope this helps... please ask more questions if you have them:-)

  3. Hello Anne, what would you suggest for people coming from ministry positions in evaluation?(elementary and secondary levels)

  4. Hi Donna! Thanks for the question. If you are working in a K-12 environment you have a few options...
    1. Register for the institute at the area that is most challenging for you in your work and then ask questions about the other levels.
    2. Come as a team and have some attend the first institute and some attend the second institute. Then, get together afterwards to share ideas and strategies. You might want to book Sandra and/or me to do a follow-up web conference with you so you can ask any follow-up questions.
    3. Choose the level that makes the most sense given upcoming priorities. For example, if you have an early numeracy initiative you might want to attend the elementary session. If you are helping Grade 9 teachers figure out how to work with provincial results, come to the secondary.
    Sandra and I are very able to adjust to meet the learning needs of participants. We take pride in personalizing sessions for participants. Also, because there are two of us we often build-in 'break-out' sessions to address emerging needs. Whichever session you choose we will make it work for you and your learning:-)

    1. Hi Donna,
      Anne has responded to your question in just that ways that I would have...so there is no need to repeat her responses. I would just add one other thought that connects closely to point #1. You might consider registering for the Institute that, as you reflect on the questions that you have had this year from those you serve, have been more challenging. That is, do those questions, for you and for your work, come from school practitioners in the elementary or secondary level? This might help you to determine where your time is best spent.
      Whichever Institute you select, Anne and I look forward to learning alongside you this summer in Fredericton. We always find that the questions and the conversations extend our learning and thinking!
      See you soon....Sandra Herbst

  5. Great. Thank you. I will consider bringing members from both secondary and elementary.