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Monday, 17 September 2012

Lighting the Flame

Lighting the Flame

By about this time, in the northern hemisphere, teachers are coming to understand the learning challenges their students have. It can seem overwhelming as we seek to teach all learners based on their learning needs, teach the curriculum and use assessment in the service of learning. It is hard to raise our sights to the horizon and know with certainty that every child brings gifts this world needs. 

It is our job as teachers and as adults to help them learn more about the kind of gifts they bring to this world and help them find a way to share them to make this world a better place. This quote, shared with me by a colleague, was found pinned to a professor's door in New Zealand and speaks to this so beautifully:

When you give away some of the light from a candle by lighting another person's flame, there isn't any less light because you've given some away - there is more. When everyone grows, there isn't less of anybody - there's more of and for - everybody.
Kaleel Jameson



  1. This is such a beautiful and meaningful reflection. When so many teachers feel that closing their door is the only answer, this image evokes a feeling of power in being willing to share a spark and then a flame to a pathway of learning.

    This 'open to learning stance' (Ontario language) is so hopeful and respectful to each learner - both educators and students! Thank you Anne as always, Helene

  2. Dear Helene,
    You've been on my mind lately. As I reread this comment I wondered if I had thanked your for your connection. I think I was in touch directly but I might not have been. I know your door is always open. And, you are always carrying helping to light another's way.
    Many blessings,