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Friday, 22 June 2012

An App to Assist in Communicating with Parents and Others

Sometimes educators struggle as they try to communicate with parents. They want the student voice to be present but that can take way too much time. 
Have you considered an app like Quick Voice Pro? It is designed to record a brief message and then email it to others. It is simple and easy to use.
Three quick ideas to get you started….
1. Do you want to give students something to talk about when they get home. What about having students, at some point in the day, choosing to record a highlight of their day – something they want to remember, a success they’ve had, a question they want their home team to ask them when they get home? The quick recording is then emailed directly to the recipient (with a copy to the teacher).
2. Why do newsletters at home on your personal time? What about a assigning a small group each week to summarize the day’s agenda along with a couple of highlights they will remember? Then it can be emailed to the class list of parents/guardians with a copy to the teacher.
3. For older students assign the task to do a recording and send to a member of their home team with a copy to you. Provide a structure with sentence frames such as... Two things I am learning... A question I have...  I used to... but now I....
Think about your year end messages. What about one from the student to a member of their home team? Consider this frame... The most important thing I want to remember about this year is.....

Remember, the person working the hardest is learning the most! Why not have students learning more and working harder? Quick Voice Pro is $2.99 for your iphone (or other devices)


  1. Like it -- small suggestion --> have a click on the icon link to the iTunes store (i.e. hyperlink goes to https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/quickvoice2text-email-pro/id285877935?mt=8

  2. Thanks Jacob! I should have thought to do something like that... I appreciate the clear directions!